A Book With Heart
— Bad Girl's Bible

Canvas Carvers:

The Death of Matilda Brew

When cowardly and shy village boy, Andrew Godfrey, loses the girl of his dreams to an unexpected death, he finds her soul captured in a household mirror. In an act of desperation, he flees the town with the mirror, escaping a long lasting fear of his cold mother and a grim looking future. He eventually stumbles upon the Larouche Hotel, which bears the whispered description of being the most sinfully wonderful place around. 

At first, his newfound sanctuary offers him not only a roof over his head, but pleasures far beyond those he could imagine. Soon, he begins to spiral into a world where he no longer recognizes his own reflection and, in an attempt to rescue the imprisoned soul of the woman he loves, he realizes the person he really needs to save is himself.

Through the eyes of the young man, we witness the hotel patrons fall into a world where good versus evil is so entwined, one begins to look like the other.
With the aid of a mysterious man in black who keeps his cursed daughter hidden from the guests, Andrew searches for the narrow path to goodness directly in the eyes of evil. It's up to him to secure not only his own life, but the lives of his friends that have fallen into the darkness as well.