From State to State

When you travel, you grow. I left Los Angeles mostly unaware of the vast sub-American cultures. For the most part, a trip down Route 66 will have you staring at a lot of mountains, plains, and purple skies. It was exactly what most of our patriotic anthems describe - but with a lot more gas stations than I imagined.

My take away was this:

Though hotels may preach that they have an exquisite continental breakfast, a lot of them tend to consider that to be an array of breakfast cereals and warm milk.

This country is big, and I’m just a breadcrumb in a breadbox.

When I write - I’m larger than life because I can create it. When I perform, my words are the only words ever spoken.

If I’ve changed at all, and I believe that I have, it’s because I’ve come to realize one thing.

There are ideas…there are opinions…there are creative happenings at every turn. Over the chaotic din and collective clatter - there’s only one way trick to truly be heard. You just have to be louder than everyone else.

Maegan Mandarino